Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Make a difference

Went for the 2nd interview in the morning... was caught in the morning jam along TPE. The manager seems nice, after a long chat with her, she told me that the HR will communicate with me soon...*praying hard*

took the express bus home, was drizzling, the sun is still scotching hot... the weather is as confused as I am.... walked in the rain, hoping that it will pour heavier, missed walking in the rain.

Spent the entire day at home, lunching with Mum and surfing the tv channels.. sighs... it has been reset to the subscribed channels, not very much choices... bored....keeping the mobile phone by my side just in case...

Night falls and its terrible ... Dad came home storming into my room, hit my door like a monster... shout and screamed at me for not saving his phone contacts into the SIM card... how would I know he is selling that phone away? it seems like he only bought it 3 days ago. And he didn't point the finger at himself that he ought to check before selling the phone. AM I TO BLAME? I do what I was instructed to. Sis and Mum got it too for nothing ... can there be peace? even in my own room I can't escape all these crap.

Was reading this article forwarded from a friend about this person whom died of overworking and stress... ( got worried for my Dad, but why did he vent all his anger and frustrations at home, every little things...

commotion is still going on in the living room.... will be a big mess to clear later

I wanted to call someone to talk about it and something just stopped me...just remembered that she is not obligated to these ding dong .... I need to breathe

DW called ask if wanna meet for supper... he drove his dad's lorry and meet me at the coffee shop... chat about many things about school days and people in general... talk about dreams and relationships... received a few SMSes ...and a pleasant call it's "hi..."

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