Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Movie: Spiderman 3

Catch spiderman 3 with DW and his friend... adding on a new frenzy, nice gal to chat with ...bought a big bag of popcorn and we hardly finish half of it...the show is more than 2 hours long, lucky the seat is not too bad, otherwise would have a bad buttock ache!

Not that fantastic, probabbly its not the genre that I fancy... maybe I'm a weirdo who prefer emo-romantic movie... hmmmm...

proceed to NYDC for a drink and some bites... overlooking spinelle, the place that brings back some nice memories... is that the "connection" or what? just as memories flows in, my phone rang... it's her "hi..." , I can taste sweetness in the spicy pizza in my mouth...*smiles*, and 2 pairs of eyes dart at me and rolled their eye-balls away hopelessly... *pouts*.

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