Monday, May 21, 2007

New Job: Day 1

Couldn't get to sleep, no matter how I tried to tell myself that it's gonna be a long day... must rest... someone, somewhere can help ...... a soothing voice *zzz* good night!

Woke up before the alarm buzz... it's the dogs... barking for attention for don't know what reason. 5.30am? Took a shower to freshen up and had a cup of milo. Plenty of time to dress up, walked to the bus-stop, the walk seems longer than usual... especially when most of the time is spent avoiding my heels from getting caught between the drain covers...

waited a while before the bus arrived, a super long bus, still full load, butts on the 1st seat that caught my eye... long bus journey... most of them are already so used to it, they took a nap and wake up just in time to alight at the interchange *thumbs up*... novice passenger like me just stay awake and nervous.... by the time I reach the destination, I'm already feeling the zzz-monster come near... *oops*

Was shown around and introduced to the staffs during the morning briefing... given my access card.... brought to seat infront of the computer beside the manager to read up the employee's handbook.... stroll and click and read and ..... hey how come everything seems so blur?? that's the morning... more code of conduct and etc to read after lunch ... ermm...

Attached to a the enquiry counter staff... stood beside her for 6 hours doing nothing just need to observe... not allow to do anything as well... no space for another chair .... ouch! my toes feels squashed and moulded into the pointy shape of my shoes... calf muscles hardens... *ouch!*

While everybody do their closing duties, I'm still there waiting for time to pass... I can't feel any other part of my body except my feet...

Time to go home... walked to the interchange, saw a super duper long queue... gosh! it's the bus I'm gonna take... *sighz* yea, got on the bus and stand all the way till I reach Yishun ... *sob*

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