Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2 hours sleep still fresh

Am sress in black today.. feeling black? my comfy back racerback and the esprit pants...how come I feel like its over size? all my pants are liek that... I am not on diet...

Meet Sam at Plza Sing's TCC for a cuppa @ 4pm... was browsing the
menu, keep thinking it's coffee club, was looking for rambutan freeze... then decided on mango tea freeze... she ordered a iced café latte. Rena called awhile later to ask about Antonio's interview session...and blah blah blah..

After the coffee session, decided to catch a movie, nothing particular that we had in mind, so we went up to the GV ticket booth to see, what show is showing that time... went into PS... bought bathing glove from Bodyshop....

Ocean 13..was a 6pm show allocated the last row...that popular or nobody watch??

we have 1 hour before the show start, shop around PS and thinking of what to eat for dinner after the show... Snacking on pop corn, only eat the yellow ones, tastier huh?

Dinner is lemon grass at Siglap... mabbe had only 2 hours sleep, so dun have appetite ... was quite a spread for just 2 of us... tom yam prawn, chicken green curry, mango fish, seafood tang-hoon.

Mum called... my sis is still locking herself in the room, refused to talk or help. was asked to talk to her... went home , went to her room and talked to sis but she only ask me to not disturb her dvd session and shut up... I hope I can help to mediate.. feel very stressed too... Dad and sis r both tough to handle...

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