Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cosins gathering @ ECP

Sunday afternoon cycling with my cousins.... before that everybody seems to be performing some acrobat...just imagine 8 people in a car, we manage to do of coz.

rented 5 bikes... ride to Bedok jetty and back to the hawker centre for a drink before returning the bikes. Lil JY ride really slow on the 4 wheels bike, jammed up the rest of us escoting her...*sighz*

Must be wondering where the aunties go huh? they went scouting for food at the hawker centre...what can 3 aunties be doing while the kids are not around? gossip and feasting along the breezy beach hawker... what a relaxing Sunday... oh yea, I'll be the stand in nanny for the weekend :P

Tired and sore butts.... we stroll along the beach ...gosh so many sand castles along ECP...
many are still building...hmmmm... what a waste guess after awhile those sandcastle will be ruin, maybe after the builder are gome...better take some pictures...

The problem with not wearing the right footwear to the beach is getting your shoes filled with sand... luckily I'm wearing my slippers... look at these kiddos, so rude. *haha*

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