Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fortune Telling Session

Went for the appointment straight after work - my 1st time. Waited for awhile, Fen is on her way, so I went for the session... the first comment from the lady after registering my birth date/time etc... "you have the gift of the gap...talkative right?"....errrrm.. I didn't agree with her, told her that I'm introvert, straight forward, prefer to listen than talk... but she said that's because I haven't show my true potential yet... (Hmmm... I wonder). Jaw drop when she ask if I'd want to be a tv programme host. I meekly answered "no... never thought of it" (hope she's not offended).

Was questioned if I feel like a man sometimes? my answer is No again...
Eyes starred blank and wide when she said that my previous life is a man (?).. then, she continue to state example like, I'll often question about money and power, like to take care and protect family and friends... I ask if this is due to me being the elder sibling among my cousins and sibling? (from theories I learnt from child psych)...

And one dumb stuck question again from her... "ever when for abortion?" (no lei.. unless woman can get another woman pregnant) .... than she ask if I have someone I love currently. Don't know how to answer this simple question - I said "yes" and then "no"... then she make her question clearer "you just broke up with your boyfriend, do you have someone else that you love currently?" ... my answer is again a "No"... (corrected her...I said, it's girlfriend not boyfriend). she get me...

Other than the initial disagreement, the rest of it is quite true, and others are interesting to know... eg. Stubborn, like to prove things wrong, ambitious, have few close friends, karma that I initiated to break up - now I get it from the one I love.... (omg!)

- Don't eat beef
- Don't go for funeral on Friday
- baibai at home... hold the joss-stick more
- Be happier
- Don't stress
- Don't do things base on mood
- Understand yourself, get to know yourself
- it will be a bad year:
+ June: Be careful not to offend someone ( I wonder who...) at work
+ July: Don't anyhow fall in love, be careful.
+ Aug, Sept: Prone to health, accidents etc.
+ Oct onwards: more bad things to come....luck will go down, down, down... (no details)

I ask about relationship, she say it's a bad year... anything just wait till I turn 1 year older, lunar year...

My session end, it's Fen's turn, while I place my coin offerings... am clueless, the assistant gives me instructions and I just do as told... too engrossed with counting coins to be placed, forgot to make my wish... *oppps...*

Was a fresh experience... Fen ask if I'll follow as advised, I think I'll rather be prudent about it, than to be sorry. Will try to avoid or do as I could, hope I' get over with the series of unpleasant things on the way...

looking forward to my next lunar birthday...
only then things will get better...

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