Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sick with the "Sickos"

Feeling damn sick since last night, yet was struck by hypocrites who poses like your best friends , on the other hand wants to stand up like a heroine to speak up for the group... in layman term its call 2-headed-snake (2HS).

Down with flu, sore throat, fever and headache, backache and menses.... anything worse I would rather be in my grave .... I think more comfy huh?

practically everyone ask me to go home and rest coz I look very pale... I stayed till presentation is over and finally a break time, ought to start with the next group meeting for 1 last group assignment.

Guess what... nobody seems to be together for 1 moment.... there they go, "let's finish up so we don't have to come back tomorrow to do it.." (but where are the people huh??!! I want to go home leh!!!!!)

I can't take it, I feel the whole place spinning already, I need to rest, picked up my stuffs and appologise, lets meet over msn tonight or tmr I go to West side to meet up with you gals. the 2HS stood up and pat on my shoulder,"You better rest well, take care".... when I just reach the ground floor of the building, got this SMS from 2HS handphone no. but signed off as another person in the group:
"If you really can't wait to go I suggest you ask for an individual assessment from the lecturer, we are going to discuss the group assignment after lesson. J-O-E"

In a dilemma, and brain not working very well for a sick person like me, I went back and position my head on the desk to rest while the lecturer yada-yada... very sad ....*sighs* wanted to just reply,"fine thank you very much for your concern and sarcasm, I will ask for an individual assignment if you gals need tmr's off-site time to meet your boyfriends instead of meeting for assignment"

Another break time, I was so over my head that I confronted 2HS , showed her the SMS that she sent and ask if this SMS is from her or from J-O-E.... she suddenly turn into a saint again... I cannot take that face ...pretty babe with innocent tongue when she speaks, act blurr and funny....erm, I don't think it helps lor...

and she dare to question me back "what makes you think this SMS is from me?".... Bim or what huh? I didn't THINK SO... i am very sure its from you coz it's from your handphone! and her rest of them look at me weird when I went back to class "Why are you back? you go home and rest lah..."

tired, too tired to be in the thriller to guess who is the 2HS

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